May 10, 2020

How Do I Open a Port on Windows Firewall? Nov 15, 2018 Re-Assigning COM Port Numbers Using the Windows Registry The same method can be used to modify each port. Note: Care should be taken that the same COM port number is not repeated. 3.2 Re-assign the COM Name Arbiter in ComDB If COM3 to COM14 are re-assigned to COM13 to COM24, then it is necessary to free up the unused com ports (COM3~COM12) and allocate the new additional ports COM15~COM24.

Where to Find Oracle Listener Port & How to Change It

Apr 07, 2005

Oct 13, 2011

What host names and ports would need to be opened in a We've had issues with our proxy and Windows update and they recommended: Ports should just be 80 and 443 I think. You might need to open BITS if that uses a different port. Windows update IP addresses range and subnet mask for Jun 23, 2014