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Can you please make a table of the situations in which the connection works or doesn't work i.e. what mobile OS, simulator/device, Expo/not Expo? Also just to set expectations, if the websocket code works on iPhone there's no guarantee it works on Android and vice versa, they are completely different implementations with different Hulu Detecting your Vpn? Here’s Some That Should Work May 24, 2019 IronSocket Review, Customer Ratings and Reviews - Best Reviews Last of all, Android phones and Linux distributions such as Ubuntu also work flawlessly with IronSocket. Pricing. By offering three different packages, IronSocket allows you to find exactly what you are looking for in a VPN provider. For just $6.99, you will be able to enjoy every feature for a month, but if you would like to save some cash in IronSocket VPN: Main Features and Performance Review A review of the features offered by IronSocket VPN, highlighting points for you to consider when evaluating this Hong Kong-based service provider.

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Jan 03, 2017

Does IronSocket Work With Netflix? - July 2020 Thus, we can conclude that IronSocket does not work with Netflix, which is in line with our predictions. However, we would appreciate it if the service approached this matter with greater transparency and honesty and stopped advertising services it is unable to provide, as this may negatively affect users’ perception of this otherwise rather good VPN solution.