Cyber bullying is any form of bullying which takes place online or through smartphones and tablets. Social networking sites, messaging apps, gami Cyber bullying is rife on the internet and most young people will experience it or see it at some time.

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Never respond. Do not reply to anything that has been said or retaliate by doing the same thing …

How to Stop Cyberbullying: 18 Tips for Parents and Kids

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Cyber Bullying – tips on how to deal with it The favourite electronic media used for cyber bulling is instant messaging (IM) delivered through all popular social networking sites. In the USA, 67% of reported cyber bullying attacks are made via instant messaging. Other media used by cyber bullies are: chat rooms (25%), e-mail (25%), web sites (23%) and SMS or text messages (16%). 5 Ways To Win Against ROBLOX Bullies - YouTube