For the local IP range when you get to point 7. do the same for the local IP addresses as stated above for the remote IP address. Adding the ranges that you want to block something like then the next range would be same goes for the remote addresses but you might want to consider just using the

Block all Russia Public IP Addresses - Cisco Community Recently we have been taksed buy C level executives to block all ip communication to Russia. They are about 65,000 (CIDR aggregated) public ip addresses in China. I dont want to manage an ACL with 65,000 entries not to mention how much larger it gets to add other countries. Any suggestions out the How to Block Particular IP Range using Windows Firewall Now, Windows Firewall will show you various options to block different things including Program, Port etc. Just select Custom and go to next window.. If you choose another option, you will not get the IP range … Add IP address and URL to Windows Defender Firewall Jan 02, 2018 How to configure Windows Firewall to allow IP ranges [FULL

Feb 17, 2014

Blocking IP Addresses in the Firewall – Smoothwall

As someone that doesn't spend all day configuring application firewalls, I find the existing firewall configuration options to be very non-intuitive. The ability to simply add an IP or IP range for traffic allow/block would be great.

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